30 April 2016

Clarity, well-being and healing – My Koh Phangan

Hi there! Long time no post. That's what happens when you stay in one place for a longer time. Especially if you're lived in the same place before. You don't take the camera out nearly as often as in new places, and the magic is experienced mainly internally rather than externally.

My 2 months on the island are almost up, and it's time to take stock. The fact that I really would like to stay tells quite a lot. There is so much here that just makes me love this island more and more each day. The nature is wonderful. The sea is right there, around every corner. The small town feel of Srithanu area, where you see friendly and familiar faces everywhere. The deep, healing energy. The spiritual community with so much to offer, ranging from yoga to workshops to rituals to get-togethers. The food is simply amazing, the Thai as well as the Western, vegetarian/vegan. Even the Indian restaurant is better than many I tried in India. The climate is absolutely perfect (even when the rains are late and the 34 degrees feels like 43). The list could go on and on.

Somehow I just belong here. These past 2 months have brought me so much clarity. Yes, there are still days when things feel foggy and confused, but the stretches of time when my mind is not running the show anymore but letting the real ruler, the inner voice, be heard, are getting longer and longer. There is so much balance, calmness, determination, courage. I just feel good, plain and simple. So, it is starting to look more and more like I might have to return to this island for an even longer period of time than 2 months. This time I went the cafe route: I worked (or volunteered, more like) in a wonderful place called Art Cafe, made brownies, energy balls and ice cream for sale and learned how to make all sorts of different caffein related beverages. I also did tantra workshops, but sadly had not so much time for yoga, although I have a solid personal practice in place. Next time I'll definitely do more yoga, but there is also a really major thought about future plans taking shape. I have sent a clear intention to the Universe now, and will start arranging my life to make it happen: I really want to live here long-term, practicing yoga and making desserts and offering them to cafés and restaurants for sale. That would be a dream come true. So, Universe, let's make it happen, shall we?

Next stop on this leg of the journey will be Nepal, and a 21 day Osho meditation retreat. Then Europe for the summer, and then, who knows. I am at peace with the fact that there is no plan. But I'm pretty sure that plan will involve more travelling, and progress towards making my Koh Phangan baking dream reality. Maybe practice on some markets in Berlin during the summer? Maybe see what Feastos brings? Flow. Trust. That's what my plan is, for now.

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