28 August 2012

This is where it all begins

Berlin is basking in glorious early autumn sunshine, and there's a brisk, chilly note in the air. The best of weathers, some people think, but for some of us, this just isn't enough. There needs to be balmy warmth, there needs to be the tang of sea in the warm wind. And there need to be palm trees. And sand.

This is the blog of two people who need these things that Berlin, no matter how wonderful it is, just cannot offer. And this is exactly the reason why we are following the footsteps of Snufkin, and leaving the Berlin-Moominvalley for the winter. The destination? Koh Phangan, Thailand. Or that's where the journey starts, at least. If we decide we want to move on, we can. That's the beauty of being homeless for 7 months.

So yes, the apartment has been sublet. Some of our belongings have been stored away to make room for the subtenant. Plane tickets have been bought. Visas have been sorted out. Various insurances have been purchased. On Friday 31.8 we will say a fond farewell to Berlin, and board the plane. It will take us to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi, where we'll hopefully get to witness a great sunrise. We'll stay the first two nights in Sawasdee hotel in Bangkok, trying to get rid of the inevitable jet lag, then take the Lomprayah bus+ferry to Koh Phangan. We've booked a bungalow from Tantawan bungalows for the first three nights, and after that... Well, who knows :)

The priority at first will be, of course, to find a place to stay. It needs to have reliable internet and a decent kitchen. A location near to the beach would be a bonus. We've looked at a few websites that offer long-term accomodation, and will contact them and look at what they have to offer when we arrive. We'll keep you posted on how the flat hunt is going, but we're not worried: the peak season will start to dwindle down as September progresses, so more and more houses/bungalows will be available. I'm sure we'll find something we like!

So this is it. Only a few more days to go until we leave on the jet plane, as the song goes. We do know when we'll be back though: in the beginning of April, hopefully along with the first days of early spring. We're not looking to find a utopia of pristine white beaches that we share only with some smiling locals. We know that there will be setbacks and not everything (perhaps hardly anything) will go according to plan. But we're willing to take our chances. At least it will be somehting different: a change in lifestyle, a kind of downshifting, if you will. There will be diving, yoga, chilling out in a hammock. And it will be warm. Hopefully we'll return relaxed and ready to get busy with the city life once more. Wish us luck, and follow our journey from the blog :)


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  2. Heh.. hyvin alkoi mun kommentointi ku poistin sen vahingos :D Mutta siis, kiitti tästä! Tsemppiä ja pian lisää sit!

  3. Kiits kiits, lisää tietoja tulee jahka jotain kommentoitavaa on :)

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