4 September 2012


We’re here, we made it! The flights were uneventful and only 2 h delayed. Abu Dhabi airport was totally crappy, we didn’t even see the cool looking hall they have on the posters. Bangkok went by in a blur, but we managed to get some delicious food eaten and to sample some street food snacks (I didn’t touch the bigger critters but both the worm type fellas were super delicious!). We also took a canal boat used by locals with no clear destination in mind and ended up in Gold Mountain temple which was a pretty cool surprise.

The reliable Tuk-tuk

View from our hotel window. Not bad, eh?

Care for some snacks?

Monday morning we got up bright and early to catch the bus to Chumporn, and then the ferry to Koh Phangan. We arrived in our bungalow after a ride from the harbor and a somewhat excruciating climb of steps and now we’re here! Today we already went diving with Haad Yao divers to Sail rock where some bull sharks have kept residence for a bit over a month now. There were of course a huge number of curious divers of various skill levels who wanted to see these magnificient animals, and see them we did! Boy what a rush. Sadly no whale sharks today, though… L

Our bungalow for the first 3 nights

A room with a view <3

Pad Thai and Chang, the fare of the day

Tomorrow we’re planning to start looking for a more permanent residende. We’re gonna go check a few areas and then make a decision where we’d like to stay (at least for starters). We heard somewhat disconcerting news from the dive shop staff that if the monsoons get really bad, the internet is the first to go… So we’ll really have to try and get a place with as dependable a connection as we can get around here. And if push comes to shove, we can always relocate to the Andaman sea side, like Phuket for example, where the infrastructure is better and the rainy season takes place at a different time. We’ll just have to wait and see. Keep your thumbs up for us!


  1. Just got home from work & super tired, but had to leave a short comment: Awesome! Have a wonderful adventure!

    (Also, Chumporn? *snicker*)


  2. Thanks, dear :) Yeah, I don't know what "porns" meens in Thai, but it seems to be a common part of words... Have to find out, I quess :)

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