31 December 2012

Happy 2013!

So it seems to be 2013. We spent the new year's eve mostly sitting inside and listening at the rain. Luckily the evening turned out a bit nicer, and we got to have excellent dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and to down to the beach to see people set off wish lanterns (we sent out two ourselves) and shoot firework. It was a nice and relaxed evening, but we were thinking fondly of the awesome party we had last year with our friends in Berlin. Next year we'll do it again, for sure!

But yes, 2013. Where did the old year go? It seems like we came to Thailand only a short while ago and we're already more than halfway through our trip. Wow, time really does fly. On the other hand we're getting more homesick by the day and find ourselves fantasizing about homey, Berlin-ey things. Oh well,  once we actually return home, I'm pretty sure we'll miss everything that we have here on our island: the hammock, the sea, the warm weather, wearing flip flops every day. But the bugs and sleeping with a mosquito net, that will not be missed!

A good remedy for home sickness is constant movement, and we're going to get busy with that starting next Saturday. First we'll have to empty out our little house and pack up everything. No, we're not being kicked out, but as we weren't quick enough to tell our landlady that we'd like to stay longer, she had already rented out our cottage to someone else 10.1-2.2... Bummer!

But then it's off to Bali for a vacation/visa run and Kuala Lumpur a couple of days in transit (and staying and working in the same hotel as last time). Then we're changing houses and staying in a new cottage close to the main village Thong Sala for three weeks. After that we're coming back to the cottage for a month 2.2-2.3 and then we have a month to go, which we will probably spend on Koh Samui as we'll need to extend our visas anyway. And then... back home! Ooh I really hope that the weather will already be nice and springy when we return.

But for now, happy new year to everyone, next post will probably be from Bali! Yay for Ubud :)

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot to mention: I have a new knitting/baking/misc project blog called Wonky but with love. Check it out! :)

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