7 January 2013

Clouds in the sky

Holiday, yay! Bali is great and Ubud a place of beauty, just like last time. The weather, though, is not playing along, but going on with it's rainy season schedule. So, gray skies, wind, torrentous downpour. But I'm not complaining, there're always spas, cafes and restaurants to go take shelter from the rain.

What has disturbed the holiday mood more is that S got a severe case of some kind of stomach bug (food poisoning? gastroentritis? who knows...) and we ended up staying on a small clinic for the night, him with a drip in his arm, me reading The Help. The staff took good care of us and now we're already recovering from the ordeal back at the nice little homestay we're booked into. All seems to be well now, the meds and food are staying in, so no reason to worry anymore, pheew. And there are still plenty of days left before the holiday ends. So fingers crossed that we get to spend the rest of our stay in here in somewhat healthier state! Wish us luck...


  1. Tell S to feel better soon, and I hope it all goes smoothly from here. Miss you!


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