28 January 2013

Ubud, Bali

After all the ordeals in Bali, we are now safely back on Koh Phangan. Have been for over a week now, in fact, but I've lazed around with the blogging, since there isn't really that much to tell. We went there, got sick and got back home. Well, not exactly, I did have a chance to do some shopping and one yoga class and we did go and see the silhouette of Gunung Agung mountain. And there were of course the necessary massages plus a two-hour pampering for me, complete with a massage, a peeling and a moisturizing treatment. Bliss!

So yeah, that was pretty much the extent of our trip. In Kuala Lumpur we went to see the Hobbit in a traditionally ice-cold cinema (we never remember to take enough clothes with us...) and I went yarn shopping (more of that here in case someone's interested). And we took plenty of showers in the lovely Furama hotel. Oh man, the shower! And the bed with the perfect pillows! That was easily the best part of the trip. No, seriously, it was.

But enough of the banter. Here's some photos. Enjoy :)

The first night at a somewhat swanky (and way too expensive) hotel

Our favourite café, the Art Café.

All sorts of beautiful stuff for sale
Even the leaves get eaten gracefully in Ubud

Ubud Market

Another fave cafe, the Juice Ja Café

The mountain, or what was visible of it that day

The rice paddy loveliness
Oh, and did you already hear the news: we'll be coming back to Berlin 3 weeks earlier than planned. The reason is plain old homesickness plus the fact that March in Berlin has usually been pretty tolerable what comes to the weather. So Berlin, get ready, we'll be there in approximately 5 weeks. Yay!

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