17 December 2015

End of the line: D-town

Hello. Long time no see, eh? The last trip was kinda left hanging in the air, but I had a good reason. A mosquito-borne one. Hint: starts with a "D". Yep, you guessed it. My friend the dengue fever paid a lovely little visit which landed me in hospital on Koh Samui for 8 days, during which my platelets and white blood cell count  tried to recover the best they could and I tried to keep my sanity by bingewatching Sopranos. Another day, and I would have finished the whole thing, but on the 8th day the dear doctor proclaimed me well enough to leave the 4 star all-inclusive accommodation.

So, how was it, you ask? Painful? Well, not really. I took my painkillers like a good girl and bore patiently with the nurses who were barging in at all hours to take my temperature, bring hospital food (not awesome even though in Thailand) and just generally hustle and bustle around. My face swelled up and got red and I was super weak but besides that, as tropical diseases go, I think mine wasn't too horrible.

But, after that I didn't really feel like doing anything but hang out under a mosquito net on my bed and wish I'd be home. Which I soon was: we cut the trip short and returned to Berlin a month ahead of schedule, in March. Just in time to welcome a fresh bout of freezing temperatures and snow. Thanks, Berlin. But it was still good to be back. The end.

So, what am I still doing, blogging? The trip is done, no? Well, my friends, read on to the next post!

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